Wishing, Hoping, Waiting…..

Wishing well, Estudillo House, San Diego, Cali...

Have you spent a lot of time wishing, hoping and waiting?  Wishing things could be different?  Hoping for change?  Waiting for things to get better.  Guess what?  You will be wishing, hoping and waiting forever unless you decide to get honest with yourself and get proactive.  Wishing, hoping, and waiting change nothing.  I have first hand experience with that one, as it seems I wished, hoped, and waited for many, many years of my life.  Wishing to have more money, hoping I could be happy, waiting for my marriage to get better to name just a few.  I spent so much time not being engaged in what I was doing, that I missed out on chances to change my life.  Now, I don’t sit around wishing, hoping and waiting anymore.  That old way of doing things is gone!  How liberating to not live that way- always full of anxiety.

The only result of wishing and hoping is no change, which eventually leads to depression, as we don’t see what we wish for materializing.  What you need to do is translate your wish to a goal, to an intention.  For instance, instead of saying ‘I wish I had more friends’, say ‘I intend to have two new friends by the end of the month, and to do this I am going to be friendly and join something that I enjoy’.  Sometimes fear of the unknown keeps us in a state of wishing, it keeps us in a state of fantasizing, and in a state of comfort.  What would happen if we changed what we did and took responsibility for our life?  We might actually get what we are wishing and hoping for.  Intentions and taking action changes everything.

Losing years of your life (or even minutes) wishing, hoping and waiting is no way to enjoy life.  Waiting for the right time, wishing things were different, hoping things will change.  This mindset blocks our creativity, and has a negative impact on our mental well being.  Today is the day to make things different.  Today is the day to choose a new path.  Today is the day to be the person you want to be.  Believe it is possible, take action, and it will be.


2 thoughts on “Wishing, Hoping, Waiting…..

    • Thanks Alex! It was so good you found me! Did you find me on here or on FB? Great blog yourself. Its seems there was much we didn’t know about each other:))

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